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Last Chance Angel

Last Chance Angel
Alex Gutteridge

A poignant, bittersweet story of friendship and family

When Jess is knocked off her bicycle she finds herself at the gates of Heaven early – before her actual death date. Striking a deal with Darren, the angel of death on duty, she is allowed to return to earth to visit her friends and family, in invisible form, for five days.

But saying goodbye is harder than Jess ever imagined, as she learns new things about her friends and family. And, when Darren offers Jess a last chance at life, she is faced with an impossible dilemma.

Shortlisted for the Romantic Novelists' Association (RNA) Awards 2014

ISBN 9781848772991  |  paperback  |  £6.99
368pp  |  198x129mm
Epub: 9781848778740
mobi: 9781848778757

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