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The Wolfstone Curse

The Jade Boy
Cate Cain

Sorcery and mystery with a dose of horror and history

Eleven-year old Jem Green works as a kitchen boy in the London household of a powerful Duke. He doesn't know who his father is and his life consists of never ending drudgery. But when the sinister Count Cazalon pays a visit to the Duke, Jem's world is turned upside down. The count is planning something terrible and Jem appears to be central to his wicked scheme. With the help of newfound friends – apprentice sorceress Ann, mind-speaking mute Ptolemy and his pet monkey Cleo, all prisoners of the Count in his macabre mansion – Jem must find out why he is so important to Cazalon and stop the devastation the count is about to unleash.

An absorbing adventure set in the reign of Charles II, just before the Great Fire of London. A sequel is planned for 2014.

ISBN 9781848772298  |  paperback  |  £6.99
198x129mm  |  432pp
E-pub: 9781848772335

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