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Fiction titles
An Eqyptian Escape
A Charlie and Bandit Adventure: An Egyptian Escape
K. A. Gerrard, illustrated by Emma Dodd

What could be more incredible than travelling through time? Doing it twice! Charlie and Bandit travel back in time to an archaeological dig in 1906, then back again to ancient Egypt, in this fast-paced sequel to A Roman Rescue.

ISBN 9781848776289  |  paperback  |  £6.99
88pp  |  228 x 165mm 
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A Roman Rescue
A Charlie and Bandit Adventure: A Roman Rescue
K. A. Gerrard, illustrated by Emma Dodd

When Charlie and his dog, Bandit, fall down a sinkhole in their back garden, they’re transported across time to Ancient Rome! Join Charlie as he searches for Bandit and a way home, making new friends and taking part in a chariot race along the way. Also included is Charlie’s notebook, packed with facts about his stay in Ancient Rome.

Long-listed for the Surrey Libraries Children's Book Award 2012. It's one of 10 titles which will be shortened to 5, with award being announced in July 2012.

"Vibrant, bright and eye-catching." Cloverhill book reviews

"The humour of the writing stands out, and is helped by the comic book form, which allows for witty asides and good ‘punch line’ panels. Emma Dodd’s bright and dynamic drawing style brings out both the humour and the hurtling pace of the story." Armadillo magazine

ISBN 978 1 84877 191 8  |  paperback  |  £6.99
64pp  |  254 x 184mm  |  cover with spot UV varnish


A Teacher's Resource for A Roman Rescue

Click here to download the teacher's notes for A Roman Rescue, by Janette Catton, Coventry Learning and Achievement Consultant.