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Day of Rebellion

Day of Rebellion
Johnny O’Brien

THE YEAR: 1860
THE PLACE: China, Taiping Rebellion
THE MISSION: to correct a time-split that threatens the world

When Jack Christie's father disappears, the time-travelling teenager and his best friend Angus track him to a strange icebound future where China has evolved into a global superpower. Time has splintered and Jack and Angus must discover the point of divergence – the moment that history altered.

Travelling back to 1860, they find themselves in the midst of the bloody Taiping Rebellion: a world of Chinese warlords, Empires and brave rebels. But Jack and Angus possess an object that all the warring factions want and it's not long before the boys find themselves – and the future of the world – in grave danger.

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ISBN 9781848776876  |  paperback  |  £6.99
197 x 130mm


Day of the Assassins

ISBN 978 1 84877 103 1
softback  |  £5.99
208pp  |  197 x130mm
epub: 9781848771208
mobie: 9781848771215

Day of Vengeance
Johnny O’Brien

Schoolboy time-traveller Jack Christie is thrown back to 1940s France with the Second World War at a crucial point. The Battle of Britain and the German Vengeance programme are underway, as Jack and his best friend Angus take a more senior role in VIGIL's bid to prevent an intervention in history that could go nuclear. With Spitfire dogfights, jeep races and thrilling chases, the boys have their most hair-raising adventure yet, including involvement in an assassination attempt on Hilter.

"Johnny O’Brien has created the ultimate thinking-boy’s hero in Jack Christie. Smart, intuitive and determined to tackle history head-on, we believe that Jack Christie heralds a new wave of fiction for reluctant readers." Rachel Williams, Editor

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Day of Deliverance

Day of Deliverance
Johnny O’Brien

The second Jack Christie adventure finds our schoolboy hero travelling back in time to foil the plot to assassinate Elizabeth I. Meeting famous figures such as Marlowe and Shakespeare along the way, Jack and Angus must thwart the Revisionists and protect
Queen Elizabeth’s throne.

ISBN 978 1 84877 277 9  |  hardback   |  £9.99
ISBN 978 1 84877 097 3  |  softback  |  £5.99
208pp  |  197 x130mm (hardback)  |  197 x131mm (paperback)  |  hardback with head and tail bands, and endpapers  |  hardback cover with gold foil, die-cuts and debossing  |  paperback cover with flaps, holofoil and gloss lamination
ePub ISBN 978 1 84877 107 9
Mobi ISBN 978 1 84877 115 4


Day of the Assassins

Day of the Assassins
Johnny O’Brien

The year: 1914.

The place: Sarajevo.

The mission: assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Jack Christie and his friend Angus are caught up in a major event that will dramatically change the future. Should they intervene? And, more importantly, will they survive?

Longlisted for the 2010 Branford Boase Award and for the Book Trust's Booked Up 2010 programme. Shortlisted for the The Children’s Quills, a new award for historical fiction for children administered through the Historical Association.

Shortlisted for Spellbinding, the Cumbrian Secondary Schools book award 2011.

"A really gripping read . . . Time travel mixed with warfare, what more could a boy want?" Nat Durman, Sunday Express, June 14 2009

"A teen hero adventure but with a difference … making for an unusual page-turning thriller." School Library Journal

ISBN 978 1 84877 091 1  |  softback  |  £5.99
ISBN 978 1 84011 673 1   |  hardback  |  £9.99
224pp  |  197 x 130mm  |  head and tail bands  |  red endpapers  |  die-cut, silver foil and debossing on cover
ePub ISBN 978 1 84877 104 8
Mobi ISBN 978 1 84877 108 6


School Events with Johny O'Brien

Johnny O’Brien is available for school events. To find out more and to organise a visit, please email Jayne Roscoe at Templar Publishing: jayne.roscoe@templarco.co.uk


Tanks, spies and assassinations - history just got interesting!

Day of the Assassins by Johnny O’Brien is a fast-paced time travel adventure set within an accurate historical context.  It takes fifteen year-old Jack Christie and his friend Angus to the period just before the outbreak of the First World War.  Following a desperate chase across Europe the adventure climaxes in Sarajevo, on the day of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.  Here, Jack must make an agonising choice with momentous implications for himself, his family and for humanity.  Day of the Assassins, aimed at children from ages 10 to 14, is the first in a major new series from Templar and comes with Templar’s distinctive packaging and add-ins.

Johnny O’Brien (pictured right) was inspired to write the novel after seeing some of his grandad’s war medals in an old cupboard. “A few years ago my dad showed me some medals that his dad (my grandfather) had received during the First World War.  He explained that my grandfather had been injured in the war and had later lost part of his leg.  Apparently, my grandfather was reluctant to speak about how he got the injuries or how he won the medals. I don’t really know why.  But I know what he did was brave – because I have a citation at home signed by the ‘Minister of War’ - Winston Churchill. Anyway, unlike millions of others, my grandfather survived the war and went on to have children and live to a ripe old age – although I never knew him. It got me thinking though.  He made important choices in his life – he chose to fight in the war.  It seems he chose to do something brave.  Later he chose to have a family.  If he had made different choices, of course, I might not be here.”

Day of the Assassins is a terrific debut novel that brings this exciting period of history to life in dramatic style. The book also includes a map of Europe in 1914, as well as a timeline of the events of the First World War and background information about some of the facts of the time. Day of the Assassins is the first in a series of Jack Christie Adventures published by Templar Publishing. The second book planned for 2010 will be set in Elizabethan England and the time of the Armada when Jack and Angus will don doublet and hose to save the world for a second time.

For more information, visit www.dayoftheassassins.com
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