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Arcadia Falls

Arcadia Falls
Kai Meyer

Rosa and Alessandro don't want to keep their feelings hidden any longer. But their forbidden relationship incites the shape-shifting Arcadian clans against them. Rosa discovers who is at the centre of the conspiracy against her, and this revelation will mean that the world of the Arcadians will never be the same again.

ISBN 9781848776418  |  hardback  |  £10.99

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Arcadia Burns

Arcadia Burns
Kai Meyer

Following the shattering events in Arcadia Awakens, Rosa is now head of the Alcantara clan. Scared and scarred, she flees from Sicily to New York to consider her future. There she encounters the American branch of the rival Carnevare Mafia family, also Panthera Arcadians. Forcibly injected with a serum that temporarily prevents her metamorphosis, Rosa is pursued by the Panthera in a deadly chase. Narrowly escaping with her life, Rosa returns to Sicily and to Alessandro, head of the Carnevare clan and Rosa's lover. Hunted by their enemies and manipulated by their allies, Rosa and Alessandro encounter corruption, intrigue and mortal danger at every turn. Will it force them together or drive them apart?

ISBN 9781848778986  |  paperback   |  £7.99
400pp  |  138x216mm
ISBN 9781848776401  |  hardback  |  £10.99
448pp  |  216x138mm
E-pub: 9781848776432





Arcadia Awakens
Kai Meyer

When troubled teenager Rosa escapes her life in New York to stay with family in Sicily, she stumbles into a sinister Mafia underworld of murder, corruption and bitter, generations-old rivalries. How is handsome, mysterious stranger Alessandro involved? And why is Rosa so powerfully drawn to him, even though she knows he spells danger for her and her family?

Simmering at the heart of the conflict is an ancient myth surrounding the vanished empire of Arcadia and its people, who, in the tales of legend, could shapeshift into animal form. Can Rosa unravel the dark secrets of the past before untamed savagery is unleashed on the present?

With millions of books sold worldwide, Kai Meyer is one of Germany's most successful writers. He is the author of the Wave Runners and Flowing Queen series and is classed as "One of Germany's most gifted storytellers." Der Spiegel

ISBN 9781848770089  |  hardback  |  £10.99
ISBN 9781848776319  |  paperback  |  £6.99
332pp  |  215 x 145mm

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