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Pendragon Legacy: Crown of Dreams

Pendragon Legacy: Grail of Stars
Katherine Roberts

King Arthur's daughter faces her final test – a hunt for the lost Grail.

The final book in an epic fantasy series set in the Dark Ages following the death of the legendary King Arthur and starring his young warrior daughter, Rhianna Pendragon. With evil cousin Mordred dead, Rhianna and her friends set out to find the final magical Light – the elusive Grail of Stars – so they can harness its power to help return her father's soul to its body.
When the ghost of Sir Galahad guides Rhianna to the Grail Castle, she faces a series of dangerous tests and uncovers a shocking secret about Merlin. But when Mordred is sighted at the Lonely Tor and her best friend, Avalonian prince Elphin, goes missing, Rhianna finds herself fighting for more than just the Grail.

ISBN 9781783700110  |  paperback  |  £6.99
ISBN 9781848778535  |  hardback  |  £10.99
464pp  |  178x125mm
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Pendragon Legacy: Crown of Dreams

Pendragon Legacy: Crown of Dreams
Katherine Roberts

King Arthur's secret daughter Rhianna Pendragon's quest for the four magical Lights continues. This time, she must find the Crown of Dreams that contains all the secrets of the Pendragons and is hidden deep in Dragonland. The wearer of the Crown can claim the Pendragon throne but Mordred plots to steal it for himself. Rhianna and her knights must go into battle against Mordred and his dark forces to win the Crown of Dreams and keep the quest for the Lights alive.

ISBN 9781848778528  |  hardback  |  £9.99
ISBN 9781848777873  |  paperback  |  £6.99
464pp  |  178x125mm
epub: 9781848777972
mobi: 9781848777989




Pendragon Legacy: Lance of Truth
Katherine Roberts

The quest for Camelot's survival continues… King Arthur's secret daughter, Rhianna Pendragon, has faced mortal danger, ice-breathing dragons and dark magic to win Excalibur, the Sword of Light. But the sword is just one of four magical Lights that she must find to restore Arthur's soul to his body and bring him back to life. Now Rhianna must head into the wilds of the North, to find the second Light, the Lance of Truth, before her evil cousin Mordred claims it. But Mordred is holding her mother Guinevere captive – can Rhianna stay true to her quest for the Lights and save the mother she's never known, before Mordred wreaks his terrible revenge?

ISBN 9781848772717  |  hardback  |  £9.99
ISBN 9781848778665  |  paperback  |  £6.99
464pp  |  178 x 125mm
epub: 9781848772748
mobi: 9781848772755




Pendragon Legacy: Sword of Light
Katherine Roberts

From the award-winning author Katherine Roberts comes a compelling new Arthurian series: a tale of quests, friendships and magic, told across four exciting volumes.

It is the darkest hour of the darkest age. King Arthur is dead, killed by his wicked nephew, Mordred. Saxon invaders rampage across the land and forces of evil are gethering. The path to the throne lies open to Arthur's only remaining flesh and blood - Mordred.

But there is one with a better claim than Mordred - Arthur's secret child. Brought by Merlin to enchanted Avalon as a baby raised there for protection, the king's heir must take up a vital quest: to search for the four magical Lights with the power to restore Arthur's soul to his body.

Introducing Rhianne Pendragon: unlikley princess, secret child of King Arthur and Camelot's last hope.

This book was part of the Summer Reading Challenge, coordinated by The Reading Agency and run in 97% of UK public libraries. 780,000 children aged 4-11 took part in this, the biggest national reading initiative.

ISBN 9781848773936  |  paperback (October 2012)  |  £6.99
ISBN 9781848773905  |  hardback  |  £10.99
480pp  |  178 x 125mm