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Movie Maker

Movie Maker
Illustrated by Gary Parsons

Lights! Cameras! Action! This is the essential kit for any budding director. Open the clapperboard box for practical advice from film-makers and equipment including a sound effects CD, press-out props and a storyboard pad.

"A great idea for all budding film-makers, we loved it! Highly recommended." Hotbrandscoolplaces.com

ISBN 978 1 84877 280 9  |  £9.99 inc. VAT
50pp (book)  |  215 x 250 x 35mm (case)  |  235 x 205mm (book)  |  case is hinged  |  book is wiro bound  |  12-spread storyboard pad  |  audio CD  |  4 perforated card sheets  |  1 sticker sheet

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