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Encounter the world's most ferocious hunters in this explosive, fact-packed pop-up book. Come face to face with familiar stalkers, sprinters and strikers from the animal world, plus some predatory creatures that may surprise you… Crammed with ingenious paper novelties including pop-ups, pull-tabs, flaps and booklets, this is a must for young natural history fans.
ISBN 9781848773790  |  hardback  |  £14.99
7 spreads  |  280 x 270mm  |  holographic foil and debossing on cover  |  novelties include pop-ups, pulltabs, booklets and flaps
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Christopher Oxlade, illustrated by Peter Bull
Take a whistle-stop tour through the whole of human history. From the wheel to the rocket, discover the world’s most groundbreaking inventions. Crammed with paper novelties and fascinating facts that will enthral readers of all ages, this book is truly inspiring.
ISBN 978 1 84011 880 3  |  hardback  |  £14.99
16pp  |  280 x 270mm  |  holographic foil and debossing on cover  |  novelties include pop-ups, pulltabs, booklets and flaps




Peter Bond, illustrated by Kim Thompson
Blast off on a star-studded journey into the farthest reaches of the universe. Crammed with paper novelties including a pop-up solar system, a pull-tab comet, a moon-phase mechanic and a spectacular exploding supernova, this pop-up adventure is a fun- and fact-packed treat. Peter Bond has previously been awarded the Junior Aventis Award for his writing on space, voted for by children all over the UK.
ISBN 9781840117936  |  hardback  |  £14.99
16pp  |  280 x 270mm  |  holographic foil, debossing and gloss lamination on cover  |  novelties include 7 pop-ups, 3 booklets, 2 large flaps, 1 dial mechanism and a press-out dice game.




Richard Dungworth, illustrated by Kim Thompson and Steve Kingston
Set back in time to the Mesozoic era and meet some of the animals that once roamed our planet. This jam-packed pop-up exploration is sure to be a roaring success with dinosaur fans everywhere.
ISBN 9781840115987  |  hardback  |  £14.99
16pp  |  280 x 270mm  |  cover features eye, 3-D embossing and gold foil  |  novelties include 7 pop-ups, 9 pull-tabs, 5 flaps and 1 wheel



Human Body

Human Body
Sue Harris and Emily Hawkins, illustrated by Kim Thompson
Get under the skin of the human body to find out the astonishing things that go on inside you! Explore your heart, delve inside your brain and unravel your intestines as fascinating facts and ingenious novelty devices reveal the inside story.
ISBN 9781840117202  |  hardback  |  £14.99
16pp  |  280 x 270mm  |  cover features die-cuts, 3-D embossing and blue foil  |  novelties include 7 pop-ups, 7 pull-tabs, 5 flaps, 1 wheel and 2 booklets