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Puddletown Tales
Gretel Parker

Far away in a glorious valley nestled among the hills, live the creatures of Puddletown. In Mrs Mouse's Cupcakes, the true meaning of friendship proves to be the best recipe of all , while an unexpected birthday surprise is unveiled in Peggy's Lost Pennies. These delightful tales were inspired by Gretel Parker's fascinating needle-felt sculptures, whose photographs appear in the foreground of each multi-layered scene.

"Calm and nurturing, this simple, straightforward story is ideal for sharing at bedtime." Carousel magazine on Mrs Mouse's Cupcakes

Visit Gretel Parker's website here

Each title: £9.99  | 12pp  |  230 x 230mm  |  hardback  |  3-D layered cover (gloss
laminated on top layer)  | 4 multi-layered pop-ups (4 x 3-layer scenes)

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Mrs Mouse's Cupcakes
Mrs Mouse's Cupcakes
ISBN 9781848772816
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Peggy's Lost Pennies
Peggy's Lost Pennies
ISBN 9781848773776
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