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Super Science

This new science series is a breath of fresh air, explaining key elements of science in a fun, straightforward way. Tom Adams's engaging, lighthearted text is perfectly complemented by the humorous, comic-book style illustrations of new talent Thomas Flintham.

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Molecule Mayhem
Tom Adams, illustrated by Thomas Flintham

The award-winning Super Science series uses clear, humorous text, exciting illustrations and a plethora of interactive novelties to make the content accessible and fun. Molecule Mayhem looks at how chemistry shapes the whole world – including humans! With sections on everything from atoms, elements and molecules to fireworks, stomach acid and nanotubes, and with instructions for seven experiments to try at home, this is a must-read for budding young chemists!


ISBN 9781848772922  |  hardback   |  £14.99
9 spreads  |  254 x 275mm



Feel the Force
Tom Adams, illustrated by Thomas Flintham

Explore mechanics, forces, sound, light, heat and other aspects of physics, with interactive novelties and fun experiment suggestions on every spread.

"Fabulous pop-up information book  that balances information with interaction perfectly." Bookseller

Shortlisted for the 2012 English 4-11 Awards for the Best Picture Books of 2011.


ISBN 9781848774551  |  hardback   |  £12.99
9 spreads  |  254 x 275mm