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Egyptology Handbook
Dugald Steer, illustrated by Ian Andrew, Nick Harris and Helen Ward
An entirely genuine course in Egyptology which, while originally written by Emily Sands, has been "updated" by the publisher to be relevant to the needs and interests of schoolchildren studying Ancient Egypt today. Featuring photographs and new artwork.
ISBN 978 1 84877 591 6  |  hardback  |  £9.99
80pp  |  210 x 180mm
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Dugald Steer, illustrated by Helen Ward, Nick Harris and Ian Andrew

This fascinating (and fictional) guide to Ancient Egypt is told through the journal of Emily Sands who, in 1926, led an expedition up the Nile to find the lost body of Osiris. On January 5th 1927, Emily Sands and her companions vanished without trace and were never seen again . . .

ISBN 978 1 84011 852 0  |  hardback  |  £17.99
32pp  |  300 x 254mm  |  cover features 3 jewels,gold lettering, foiled and embossed, gold paper stock with special finish  |  mixed paper novelties including card flaps, letters, postcards, envelopes and other elements  |  embossed and jewelled 'key' in back case  |  working senet game  |  a patch of mummy cloth!



An Egyptologist's Writing Kit

An Egyptologist's Writing Kit
Thematic, ornate stationery, including stickers, writing paper, and envelopes, as well as simple instructions to master the art of encoding!

Both entertaining and hands-on, this kit makes for a perfect Christmas present for children aged 8 - 12.

ISBN 978 1 84011 672 4  |  £6.99
wallet plus 16 sheets notepaper, 16 envelopes, 2 sheets stickers and 6 postcards
238 x 305mm (wallet)  |  wafer seal and sticker seal.