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Ology World


Emily Hawkins, illustrated by various artists

Do you long to amaze, astound and astonish? Do you wish to learn the secrets of great conjurors from ages past? Do you seek to understand the truth behind the world's most baffling illusions? Then look no further. Purportedly written in 1915 by scientist Albert Schafer, Illusionology is an exposé of the tricks of the masters for new initiates of the Illusionists' Guild.

As well as revealing the secrets behind many famous tricks – levitating a lady, daredevil escapes and mind-reading, among others – it explains the science that makes the magic possible. Packed with step-by-step instructions and magical accessories so readers can perform their own tricks, Illusionology is an indispensable guide for all aspiring wonder-workers.

ISBN 9781848772083  |  cased hardback  |  £17.99
300 x 254mm  |  15 spreads

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