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Dugald Steer, illustrated by Douglas Carrel, Helen Ward, Wayne Anderson and Tomislav Tomic

Although Dragonology was Dr Drake's vocation, this newly discovered book reveals that he spent time researching many other supposedly mythical creatures, from manticores and unicorns to griffins, centaurs and sea serpents. In doing so, he was keen to show that these so-called 'monsters' must be studied and understood rather than feared.

Containing an array of gems, booklets and paper novelties, this is a lavish title not to be missed!

ISBN 978 1 84011 674 8  |  hardback  |  £17.99
32pp  |  300 x 254mm  |  cover features 3 red jewels, embossing and green and silver foil  |  novelty elements include card flaps, envelopes and booklets, texture patches, pouch containing phoenix ash, piece of unicorn mane and a two-headed insect in an amber gem.
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Working with Monsters

Working with Monsters
Dugald A. Steer, illustrated by Wayne Anderson, Ian Andrew, Douglas Carrel, Tomislav Tomic and Helen Ward
Join Dr. Drake in his Sanctuary for Fabulous Beasts, where he will teach a full course in monsterology. Find out how to hatch a roc, fly a winged horse or discover a leviathan in the ocean’s depths. Each lesson includes monsterological homework set by Dr. Drake himself.

ISBN 978 1 84011 753 0  |  hardback with case   |  £9.99
80pp + 4pp stickers  |  210 x 180mm  |  case: 215 x 185mm  |  concealed wiro binding  |  various paper novelties  |  spot UV, silver foil plus 2 red jewels on cover



Dr Drake's Collector's Library

Dr Drake's Collector's Library
Dugald Steer, illustrated by Douglas Carrel, Helen Ward, Wayne Anderson and Tomislav Tomic
To celebrate the publication of the sixth title in the groundbreaking Ology series, this slipcase presents both Monsterology and Dragonology - the trailblazing first title in the series.
ISBN 9781840113648  |  slipcased set  |  £29.99
each book: 32pp  |  slipcase: 320 x 265mm, books: 300 x 254mm  |  die-cut windows to both sides of slipcase  |  see individual titles for further information