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Oceanology: The True Account of the Voyage of the Nautilus
Written by Emily Hawkins and A.J Wood, illustrated by Wayne Anderson, Ian Andrew, Gary Blythe and David Wyatt

The latest title to join the best-selling Ology phenomenon, Oceanology purports to be the true account of the incredible voyage undertaken by Captain Nemo in his submarine the Nautilus. This notebook was compiled in 1863 by the ship’s sixteen-year-old research assistant, Zoticus de Lesseps, and records his findings, from the wonders of the natural world to the undersea kingdom of Atlantis. When tragedy strikes, leaving Zoticus as sole survivor, he bequeaths this journal to a novelist named J. Verne – could it have been the inspiration for Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea?

This is a thrilling adventure, packed with information on the oceans and their inhabitants, as well as a host of novelties, including a stunning 3-D lenticular in the front cover.

ISBN 978 1 84011 764 6  |  hardback  |  £17.99
32pp  |  300 x 254mm  |  cover features 2 clear jewels, embossing and gold foil plus die-cut window through to 3-D lenticular on title page  |  novelty elements include card flaps, envelopes and booklets, texture patches, letters, pop-up dice and embossed pearl-jewel novelty

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The Oceanology Handbook

The Oceanology Handbook
Clint Twist, illustrated by various artists

All fans of Oceanology will love this full course in the subject by Professor Arronax, written aboard the submarine Nautilus. Discover history’s greatest ocean explorers, mysterious deep-sea creatures and how the earth’s shifting surface works in this activity-packed book.

ISBN 978 1 84877 339 4  |  hardback  |  £9.99
80pp + 4pp stickers  |  210 x 180mm  |  case 217 x 200mm  |  cover features 2 jewels, foil and spot UV varnish