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Dugald Steer, illustrated by Anne Yvonne Gilbert, Helen Ward and Ian Andrew

Pirateology is the Sea Journal of Captain William Lubber, the famous Pirate-hunter general from Boston. The book was allegedly found in an old sea chest by divers searching for wrecks off the Grand Banks of Newfoundland in 2006. In Pirateology, Lubber charts his attempt from 1793 to 1796 to hunt down and capture the infamous pirate Arabella Drummond.

This unforgettable journal of his search across the most dangerous waters of the world is packed with maps, charts, wonderful illustrations of pirate ships and sloops. It details some of the world’s most famous pirates including Blackbeard and Edward Teach and shows the areas they terrorised in search of gold and jewels.

ISBN 978 1 84011 270 2  |  hardback  |  £17.99
32pp  |  300 x 254mm  |  cover features compass | 2 jewels, matt lamination, spot UV varnish, embossing and gold foil  |  novelty elements include gold glitter pouches, booklets, sundial, dividers, letters, large jewel, treasure map, swatch of pirate flag.
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A Pirate's Guide and Model Ship

A Pirate's Guide and Model Ship
Dugald Steer, illustrated by Ian Andrew, Anne Yvonne Gilbert, GeoffHunt RSMA, Emma Nicholls and Helen Ward
This swashbuckling pack includes a fabulous, easy-to-build model of a pirate ship, as well as a thorough guide containing all you need to know about pirate ships and life aboard them. No cabin boy's sea chest would be complete without it!
ISBN 978 1 84011 290 0  |  24pp  |  case: 307 x 261  |  book: 300 x 250mm  |  £12.99
softback  |  cover features gold foil  |  includes complete pirate ship model kit



Pirateology Handbook

Captain William Lubber's Pirateology Handbook
Dugald Steer and Clint Twist, illustrated by Ian Andrew, Anne Yvonne Gilbert, Emma Nicholls and Helen Ward
A full course in Pirateology from Captain William Lubber. Progress through the ranks from lowly cabin boy to captain of your own pirate-hunting ship. Packed full of hardy seafaring wisdom and suggestions for how to spend your off-watch hours.
ISBN 978 1 84011 206 1  |  £9.99  |  80pp + 4pp stickers  |  210 x 180mm  |  hardback  |  concealed wiro binding  |  mixed paper novelties including flaps, envelope and stickers



Pirateology Code Writing Kit

Pirateology Code Writing Kit
Thematic, ornate stationery, including stickers, writing paper, and envelopes, as well as simple instructions to master the art of encoding!

Both entertaining and hands-on, this kit makes for a perfect Christmas present for children aged 8 - 12.

ISBN 978 1 84011 960 2  |  £6.99 inc VAT
305 x 238mm (wallet)   |  wallet contains 16 sheets of notepaper, 16 envelopes, 2 sticker sheets and 6 postcards (shrink-wrapped)   |  foil on cover   |  wafer seal