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  Shortlisted for the Design and Production Award of the Year in the British Book Industry Awards.  


Spyology - The Complete Book of Spycraft
Written by Dugald Steer, illustrated by Ian Andrew, Anne Yvonne Gilbert, Jon Lambert, Tomislav Tomic and Helen Ward

Spencer Blake, AKA ‘Agent K’, wrote Spyology while on a mission to foil the criminal gang CODEX. Agent K’s mission succeeded but he was believed to have perished in the process. Six months later, a package containing Spyology mysteriously arrived at the M16 headquarters.

A comprehensive training guide to international espionage, Spyology includes Agent K’s personal notes on his exhilarating final mission as well as challenges and codes for the reader to unravel as they decipher the mystery of Operation Codex.  With a special filtering device to read hidden microdot messages, a code-cracking Cryptotron, secret compartments, alias disguises, spy mirrors and fascinating facts, Spyology takes the reader on a thrilling journey of discovery that will reveal the book’s hidden content and secret messages as well as the real truth behind Agent K’s disappearance.

A truly mesmerising book, Spyology will thrill and captivate spies of all ages.

“An eye-opening journey into a secret world”
Julia Eccleshare, The Guardian

“A gem”
The Sunday Express

“Who needs a games console when this could occupy your child’s mind?”

ISBN 978 1 84011 861 2   |  hardback  |  £19.99
32pp  |  300 x 254mm  |  cover features 3 red jewels, embossing and green and silver foil  |  novelty elements include paper and card elements, red magnifying decoding wheel mounted in cover, secret spine drawer with concealed letter, second hidden compartment and decoding wheel in back case, mylar mirror and disguises
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