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Ology World


Dugald Steer, illustrated by Anne-Yvonne Gilbert, John Howe, Tomislav Tomic and Helen Ward

Many hundreds of years ago, the great magician Merlin created this elaborate book for his apprentice, containing all his knowledge about the ancient brotherhood of wizards around the world and their many different magical arts.

Covering transformations, conjurations, potions, charms and spells, it is packed with ingenious novelties, including a spinning amulet, a 'phoenix' feather, fortune-telling cards and a real swatch of fairy flag! The perfect starting point for budding young magicians. This bejewelled book also contains a hidden secret miniature hardback book of divination.

ISBN 978 1 84011 337 2  |  hardback  |  £17.99
32pp  |  300 x 254mm  |  cover features 4 jewels, matt lamination with silver and gold foil, embossing and spot UV varnish  |  novelty elements include mini hardback book, 2 moving tabs, 3 booklets, eight fortune-telling cards, one spinning amulet, 1 red feather, silver ribbon and a piece of real fairy flag!
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A Guide to Wizards of the World

A Guide to Wizards of the World
Dugald A. Steer, illustrated by Anne Yvonne Gilbert, John Howe, Tomislav Tomic and Helen Ward
Discover the lore of wizards from the four corners of the earth, from the knowledge of ancient European masters to the wisdom of Arabian sages, with Merlin as your guide. Includes a set of cards for apprentices to test their wizardological skills.

ISBN 978 1 84011 572 7  |  hardback  |  £9.99
40pp  |  265 x 225mm  |  padded cover with holographic foil  |  includes 24 wizard cards




Dr Drake's Collector's Library

The Apprentice's Handbook
Dugald Steer, illustrated by Anne-Yvonne Gilbert, John Howe, Tomislav Tomic and Helen Ward
An intriguing course of lessons in Wizardology presented by Merlin, divided into four sections based on the seasons of the year and the four elements. Rich with magical lore and legends, each lesson also includes wizardological homework to complete.
ISBN 978 1 84011 362 4  |  hardback  |  £9.99
80pp + 4pp stickers  |  210 x 180mm  |  cover features 2 blue jewels, hot foil stamping and spot UV varnish  |  concealed wiro binding  |  mixed paper novelties including flaps and large stickers.



An Egyptologist's Writing Kit

Wizard's Code Writing Kit
Learn the art of secret correspondence with this sorcerer's stationery kit. Worthy of the wisest wizards, this pack includes instructions to some of the best codes ever invented.

Both entertaining and hands-on, this kit makes for a perfect Christmas present for children aged 8 - 12.


ISBN 978 1 84011 532 1  |  £6.99
wallet plus 16 sheets notepaper, 16 envelopes, 2 sheets stickers and 6 postcards
238 x 305mm (wallet)  |  wafer seal and sticker seal.