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Adam Stower


Troll and the Oliver
Adam Stower

Meet a little boy called Oliver… and the troll who wants to eat him!

Every day, Oliver goes to the shops and every day the troll tries to eat him. But catching an oliver is very tricky – he's too fast, too sneaky and too plain clever! It is only when it looks like Troll has given up and Oliver celebrates winning that… CHOMP! He gets eaten! Unfortunately for Troll, olivers don't taste very nice. So he spits him out and discovers that Oliver is an excellent cake-baker – and ALL trolls LOVE cakes!

ISBN 9781848771734  |  paperback  |  £6.99
ISBN 9781848773523  |  hardback  |  £10.99
40pp  | 265x228mm

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Naughty Kitty!
Adam Stower

In this hilarious sequel to the popular Silly Doggy! we meet Lily again just as her mum finally agrees to buy her a pet… but it's not a doggy, it's a kitten. When things start to go wrong around the house, Lily is quick to blame her new little furry friend, but doesn't notice the much bigger and more dangerous feline that has taken up residence – a huge tiger!

ISBN 9781848774520  |  paperback  |  £6.99
ISBN 9781848775701  |  hardback  |  £10.99
40pp  | 265 x 228mm  |  jacket with poster on reverse





Silly Doggy!
Adam Stower

When Lily looks out of her bedroom window one morning, she gets the best surprise - a doggy! But this is no normal doggy, he's got lots of strange habits and there's a local zookeeper who is looking for him… Jin Lily and Doggy on the best daytrip ever.

"Adam Stower tells one story and shows us another in this hilarious tale of mistaken identity." The Scotsman

 "An absolute delight from cover to cover." Forbiddenplanet.co.uk

ISBN 9781848774520  |  paperback  |  £6.99
ISBN 9781848775565  |  hardback  |  £10.99
40pp  | 265 x 228mm  |  jacket with poster on reverse





Adam Stower

A picture can speak a thousand words and Adam Stower's hilarious tale of consequences does just that. With illustrations to pore over, it's a visual delight for a wide audience of ages.

"A brilliant resource for engaging reluctant readers, as well as helping children understand the concepts of cause and effect – and, more subtly, culpability." Teach Primary

ISBN 978 1 84011 196 5  |  paperback  |  £5.99
32pp  |  287 x 247mm  |  spot UV varnish on cover