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Catherine Hyde


Saviour Pirotta, illustrated by Catherine Hyde

The legendary firebird has been stealing King Vaslav’s golden apples, but who can catch this dazzling thief?

Illustrated with the paintings of acclaimed artist Catherine Hyde, this is a spellbinding retelling of the classic Russian folktale that inspired the famous ballet: a glorious quest for something so bright, it illuminates the human heart.

ISBN 9781848771512  |  paperback   |  £7.99
40pp  |  314 x 247mm
ISBN 978 1 84877 124 6  |  hardback with jacket   |  £12.99
40pp  |  314 x 247mm  |  jacket with gold foil, spot UV varnish and embossing
1 spread features gold foil

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The Princess' Blankets

The Princess' Blankets
Carol Ann Duffy, illustrated by Catherine Hyde

A powerful new fairy tale of a princess who cannot get warm, no matter what is done for her. A stranger with cold eyes brings her the earth's blanket, the forest's blanket, the ocean's blanket and more, but nothing can warm the cold princess until one day a musician wanders into the land, and her heart melts with warmth and love.

This brooding story from the Poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy, is illustrated by a series of specially-commissioned dramatic paintings by artist Catherine Hyde. Combined with stunning design and print finishes, this is an extraordinary book, destined to become a classic.

Winner of the Key Stage 2 Fiction Award in the 2009 English 4-11 Best Children's Illustrated Book Awards: "This is an outstanding book in all respects.  Its artwork is stunning – with some pages sparkling and shimmering in the light.  And the story – a classic.  Carol Ann Duffy has created a marvellous web of language beautifully complemented by the exquisite and richly decorated illustrations of Catherine Hyde make this a superb fairy tale.  This is a must for key stage 2."

"Catherine Hyde’s paintings beautifully complement the text in this typically full-blown, large scale Templar production. Occasional spot lamination of gold and silver ink on the double page spread illustrations complete the magic. Books for Keeps

“Ravishing and beautifully produced.” 
Inside Cornwall Magazine

ISBN 9781848771611   |  paperback  |  £7.99
ISBN 9789999998963   |  slipcase - signed limited edition   |  £25.00
ISBN 9781840111736   |  slipcase  |  £25.00
ISBN 9781840113396   |  softback   |  £12.99
ISBN 9781840112016   |  hardback with jacket   |  £14.99
40pp  |  314 x 247mm  |  jacket with gold foil, spot UV varnish and embossing
5 spreads feature foil in different colours  | slipcase has gold foil, spot UV varnish and embossing