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Grahame Baker-Smith


Winter's Child
Angela McAllister, illustrated by Grahame Baker-Smith

When Tom wishes winter would never end, he meets another boy who shares his love of snow and ice. Playing together every day, Tom hardly notices that spring doesn't come – until he realises the terrible effect the delay is having on the countryside and his sick grandma. His friend is Winter's child, and for the seasons to go on the friends must say goodbye until next year.

ISBN 9781848775459  |  hardback with jacket   |  £12.99
40pp  |  247 x 287mm  |  ice gold paper with silver foil and spot UV varmish on jacket

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Grahame Baker-Smith

When a father who dreams of flying goes off to war and does not return, his son decides to make the dream come true. Grahame Baker-Smith’s moving story, with stunning illustrations, shows how, with love and a bit of ambition, you can reach seemingly impossible goals.

Winner of the 2011 CILIP Kate Greenaway award.

Longlisted for the UKLA (United Kingdom Literacy Association) Children's Book Award 2012.

"A clever picture book with a dream-like quality. It is beautifully designed with a wealth of detail, conveying dark emotions, storms of war and weather, and a powerful sense of loss and bereavement".
CILIP Kate Greenaway judges' comments

"The worthy winner of the Kate Greenaway award is this stunning and highly imaginative picture book ...... full of magical imagery and big themes, it's a delight through and through."
Sally Morris, The Daily Mail

"spectacular picture book that delights in form and content." The Bookseller

"a beautiful, lyrical book which will make you think … A very powerful read." librarymice.com

ISBN 978 1 84877 126 0  |  hardback with jacket   |  £10.99
40pp  |  247 x 287mm  |  ice gold paper with silver foil and spot UV varmish on jacket



Leon and the Place Between

Leon and the Place Between
Angela McAllister, illustrated by Grahame Baker-Smith

Pouff! Purple smoke fills the stage and there is Abdul Kazam! Join Leon and friends on their visit to a very special magic show. Enwrap yourself in the mystical pages that transport you to The Place Between.

"Rabbits, shadow puppets, swirls and spirals, sleights of hand and all manner of thingamies to keep you looking for hours. Wonderful." Dave McKean

Shortlisted for the 2010 CILIP Kate Greenaway award.

Judge's Top Choice for Scholastic Best Books 2009.

“A gorgeous, star sprinkled, read-on story.”
Nicolette Jones, The Sunday Times

“Stunning illustrations – wonderful!”

"Opening the covers of Leon is like lifting the lid of a treasure chest … A truly stand out collaboration of word and image.  Each page radiates jewel-like qualities. Exquisite and uplifting, this book intoxicates the imagination." Scholastic  Best Books 2009

ISBN 978 1 84011 801 8   |  hardback with jacket   |  £10.99
ISBN 978 1 84011 860 5   |  softback  |  £5.99
48pp + 2pp gatefold   |  287 x 247mm  |  jacket has pearlised ink, silver foil and spot UV varnish
pearlised ink on 12pp  |  2 die-cut pages