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Henri Goldsmann

The Snoops

Harold (a dog's best friend)
Henri Goldsmann
Man and dog may be best friends, but that doesn’t mean they want to look alike! Harry’s poor owner, Harold, is mistaken for his dog so many times that it begins to really get him down. Luckily, Harry the dog has a little gem of advice that cheers Harold up completely: it’s not what you look like that matters – it’s what’s on the inside that counts. After this, Harold is so comfortable with himself, he even lets Harry take him out for walks!

A great giftbook for adults and children alike!

Shortlisted for the ‘Read it Again’ Cambridgeshire Children’s Picture Book Award.

ISBN 1 84011 730 1  |  hardback  |  £7.99  |  32pp  |  173 x 200mm  |  cover with spot UV
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