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Ian Andrew

Water Boy

Water Boy
Ros Asquith , illustrated by Ian Andrew
Ros Asquith’s deceptively simple text shows us the world through the eyes of a young boy on his various adventures. One moment he’s a ‘water boy’ at the seaside, the next he’s a ‘farm boy’ playing with the animals. Ian Andrew’s beautiful illustrations perfectly capture the moments of play and exploration we share with the child in this evocative tale of long summer days and adventure.
ISBN 978 184011 157 6   |  hardback with jacket   |  £10.99
ISBN 978 184011 856 8  |  softback  |  £5.99
32pp  |  250mm x 300mm  |  full colour throughout 
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The Lion and the Mouse

The Lion and the Mouse
A.J. Wood, illustrated by Ian Andrew
Aesop's classic fable is given new life by Ian Andrew’s exquisite black and white pencil illustrations. Shortlisted for the 1995 Mother Goose Award.
ISBN 978 1 84011 800 1  |  softback  |  £5.99
32pp  |  225 x 278mm  |  full colour



The Boat

The Boat
Helen Ward, illustrated by Ian Andrew

On top of a hill lives a lonely old man with his bizarre menagerie of wild beasts. On the opposite hill is a town of wary people, and everybody is happy with the distance between them. Then one day it begins to rain, and the two worlds are brought together by the actions of a brave boy.

Winner of the UKLA Children's Book Award for Most Successful Children's Book

ISBN 978 1 84011 417 1  |  softback  |  £5.99
40pp  |  244 x 287mm  |  full colour  |  hardback with heavy uncoated paper jacket