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Jonny Duddle

The Pirate Cruncher

Jonny Duddle

All young dinosaurs are warned about the scary Gigantosaurus. So Bonehead volunteers to be the dino-kids lookout. Unfortunately, he is the original boy-dinosaur who cried wolf, or in this case, GIGANTOSAURUS! Finally, Bonehead's friends refuse to believe his warnings and the Gigantosaurus really turns up!

ISBN 9781848771635    |  hardback |  £10.99
32pp    | 287 x 247mm

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The Pirate Cruncher

The Pirates Next Door Sound Book
Jonny Duddle

Fire cannons for a lark with the Jolley-Rogers!

Join pirate family the Jolley-Rogers as they move to Dull-on-Sea and get neighbourhood tongues wagging in Jonny Duddle's award-winning tale. Sound buttons and page-prompts mean even the youngest readers can make a pirate cheer or help Nugget (the youngest member of the family) fire her cannon!

ISBN 9781848772342    |  hardback |  £12.99
40pp    |  235x237mm



The Pirate Cruncher

The King of Space
Jonny Duddle

Soon the WHOLE UNIVERSE will know his name! Rex looks like an average 6 year old, living on his parents' moog farm and going to mini galactic citizen school, but he's going to be King of Space! With the help of unsuspecting friends, Rex creates an army of warbots with dung-blasters and begins his conquest of the known worlds. But when he goes too far, only one person can save him from the wrath of the Galactic Alliance – his tough-talking mum!

ISBN 9781848772274    |  paperback  |  £6.99
ISBN 9781848772267    |  hardback |  £10.99
36pp    |  287 x 247mm



The Pirate Cruncher

The Pirates Next Door
Jonny Duddle

When pirate family the Jolly-Rogers move to Dull-on-sea, rumours of their shocking behaviour start spreading across the neighbourhood. But, with few other children to play with, Matilda can't wait to meet the fascinating new family next door! From the creator of the best-selling picture book The Pirate Cruncher.

Winner of the Waterstones Children's Book Prize 2012

Highly Commended at the Sheffield Children's Book Award 2012

Shortlisted for the Roald Dahl Funny Prize 2012 (The funniest book for children aged six and under)

ISBN 9781848778504  |  paperback with audio  |  £7.99
ISBN 978 1 84877 392 9  |  paperback |  £6.99
ISBN 978 1 84877 219 9    |  hardback |  £10.99
36pp    |  287 x 247mm



The Pirate Cruncher

The Pirate Cruncher
Jonny Duddle

One dark and stormy night, a salty old sea dog tells the tale of a mysterious island, bursting with pirate booty! Captain Purplebeard and his crew have already set sail by the time the cove mentions the hideous Pirate Cruncher who guards the gold…

"The Pirate Cruncher will definitely appeal to readers with a sense of adventure. The first thing we noticed was the artwork, which is exceptional. It veers from dark and mysterious to bright and hearty from page to page and really kept our interest. The colours are intense, the characterisation is excellent and each picture is detailed, meaning kids could look at this book for hours and still enjoy the illustrations." www.kidscompass.co.uk

Selected as one of the 50 best books by Scholastic Education Plus in their picture book category 2010. Shortlisted for the 2010 Best Children's Illustrated Book Awards, and for the "Read it Again!" award sponsored by Cambridgeshire Libraries.

"A heartily told, tongue-in-cheek tale … loved the tiny details in every picture." Charlotte Miles, Waterstone’s Burton on Trent

ISBN 978 1 84877 378 3    |  paperback with audio CD   |  £7.99
ISBN 978 1 84011 885 8    |  hardback with jacket   |  £10.99
ISBN 978 1 84877 376 9    |  paperback    |  £5.99
32pp + 6pp gatefold  |  247 x 287mm  |  foil and spot UV varnish on jacket

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