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Kevin Waldron

Mr Peek and the Misunderstanding at the Zoo

Pandamonium at Peek Zoo
Kevin Waldron

Zookeeper Mr Peek causes pandemonium again!

Peek Zoo is holding an animal parade to celebrate the birth of their baby panda – but when the day arrives, nothing is ready. As Mr Peek races around preparing, he leaves a trail of chaos – including an escaped baby panda heading for the lion's den! Thank goodness Mr Peek's son Jimmy is there to save the day and ensure the crowd gets the best animal parade ever – marching proudly across a huge double-gatefold.

ISBN 9781848772854  | hardback  |  £10.99
ISBN 9781848778573  | softback  |  £6.99
40pp  |  265x228mm
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Mr Peek and the Misunderstanding at the Zoo

Mr Peek and the Misunderstanding at the Zoo
Kevin Waldron

Poor old Mr Peek has a bad start to his day! Putting on his son's jacket by mistake, he goes about his daily rounds at the zoo, airing all his insecurities. "You're getting fat!" he tells himself, and, "No one likes you." Unbeknownst to Mr Peek, all the animals think he is talking about them! It's not until lunchtime when Mr Peek catches sight of his son Jimmy in a strangely large jacket that all becomes clear.

Winner of the Opera Prima category at the prestigious 2009 BolognaRagazzi Awards.

Kevin Waldron is one of the ten recipients of the Booktrust Best New Illustrators Award 2011.

"Mr Peek is a winner. Witty, dramatic and clever, it’s a good way of conveying the way that children too can misunderstand what adults say." Amanda Craig, The Times

"It’s an extraordinarily cheering read for blunderers of all ages and is illustrated with energetic gaiety and humour." Kate Kellaway, The Observer

“Delightful and distinctive retro artwork and stylish typography has helped to create a hugely appealing picture book featuring Mr Peek, the zoo keeper, his son Jimmy and the case of the wrong jacket...”

“Both children and parents will be won over by Kevin Waldron’s exuberant and entertaining debut picture book... Quirky, sophisticated illustrations are teamed with animated and playful text that is genuinely funny and satisfying to read out loud.”
Lindsay Stainer - The Bookseller - 15th February 2008

“A first picture book, with stylish and quirky artwork... The humour should appeal to children and parents, and this would work brilliantly read aloud by a dad (preferably with a developing waistline).”
The Children’s Bookseller - 21st March 2008

Shortlisted for the ‘Read it Again’ Cambridgeshire Children’s Picture Book Award.

ISBN 9781840118988  |  £10.99
48pp  |  265mm x 288mm  |  hardback with jacket  |  gloss lamination on jacket
ISBN 9781840118148  |  £5.99  |  softback