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Levi Pinfold
Winner of the 2013 CILIP Kate Greenaway medal


Black Dog
Levi Pinfold

A black dog appears outside the Hope family's home. As each member of the household sees it and hides, the dog grows bigger and bigger. Only Small, the youngest Hope, has the courage to face the Black Dog. When it chases her through the forest she shows no fear, so it grows smaller and smaller. Finally, back to the size of a normal hound, the Black Dog is welcomed into the Hope household as their newest addition.

Picture Book Honour Winner, 2013 Boston Globe-Horn Awards for Excellence in Children's Literature.

Winner of the CILIP Kate Greenaway Award 2013. The judges described the book as a "visual treat, full of mood and atmosphere, the beautiful illustrations are full of detail and perfectly in keeping with the story. The use of scale, with the big dog pushing the text off the page, is clever. A timeless, thought-provoking book about facing up to anxiety, fears, and the black dog that visits some of us from time-to-time."

Winner of the "What's The Story" category for the favourite book for children aged 4-7 in the Coventry Inspiration book Awards.

ISBN 9781783700400   |  paperback/audio  |  £7.99
ISBN 9781848770522   |  32pp hardback  |  £12.99
ISBN 9781848777484   |  paperback  |  £6.99

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The Django
Levi Pinfold

Inspired by the life and work of jazz musician Jean ‘Django’ Reinhardt, this beautiful picture book tells a fictional story of the young Jean who longs to play the banjo. The trouble is, his imaginary friend the Django keeps getting him into lots of trouble, but he also gives Jean his infectious enthusiasm for music.

"What makes the book special is its painterly qualities; take, for example, the picture of the caravan, standing in summer grass, next to a shed of stained corrugated iron. The caravan is hung with magic lanterns, the sky is smudged with pink clouds. It is a fully imagined work. I liked, too, the fierce, lived-in authenticity of the father’s face. It will be relished by sophisticated children and jazz-loving adults alike." Kate Kellaway, The Observer

Levi Pinfold is one of the ten recipients of the Booktrust Best New Illustrators Award 2011, and was voted Best Emerging Illustrator in the Early Years Awards 2010.

The Django was shortlisted for the 2011 English 4-11 Best Children's Illustrated Book award.

"A truly original book … quirky and involving text with magical illustration by Levi Pinfold … a beautiful book to own." School Library Journal

"The full page illustrations bring atmospheric drama and appropriate excitement to the story inspired by Romany jazz legend, Jean ‘Django’ Reinhardt." Carousel Magazine

ISBN 9781848771017   |  softback  |  £6.99
ISBN 9781840111590   |  hardback with jacket  |  £10.99
40pp  |  254 x 254mm  |  spot UV varnish on jacket