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Owen Davey

Foxlyís Feast

Laika the Astronaut
Owen Davey

Discover the amazing adventure of one incredible dog!

Laika is a homeless stray living on the streets of Moscow when she is picked by the Space Programme to be the first ever animal launched into orbit! But her rocket disappears and everyone thinks Laika is lost forever – no one knows what happened to her. Now you'll discover in Owen Davey's imaginative story that Laika was rescued by a loving new owner and found her true home on a planet far, far away.

ISBN 9781848778788  |  hardback  |  £12.99
32pp  |  265x228

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Nursery Rhyme Rainbow

ISBN 9781848772182
hardback  |  £10.99
32pp   |  265 x 228mm

ISBN 9781848772366
paperback (July 2013)
32pp   |  265x205mm

Knight Night
Owen Davey

Going to bed is a great adventure for one little boy in this charming tale. It might seem like he's putting his toys away, brushing his teeth and climing into bed, but actually he's riding thorugh a hallway forest, jumping over bathroom crocodiles and climbing a castle wall - no wonder he's exhausted and falls straight to sleep!

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Foxlyís Feast

Foxly’s Feast
Owen Davey

Foxly is hunting for things to include in his feast. He visits the farmyard, the fish pond and the rabbit’s burrow. It looks like the animals are in danger, but there’s more to Foxly than meets the eye!

Tuck into this amazing visual treat by debut illustrator Owen Davey.

Highly Commended by MacMillan Children’s Book Prize 2009

Winner in the category of Most Promising New Talent in Junior Magazine's Junior Design Awards.

“a huge new talent … Wonderful nostalgic illustrations”  Bookseller Children’s Buyers Guide

"As soon as you open up Foxly’s Feast, you quickly realise that you are holding something special" Junior Magazine

ISBN 9781848771321  |  paperback  |  £6.99
ISBN 978 1 84877 125 3  |  hardback  |  £10.99
32pp  |  265 x 205mm  |  cover printed with embossing and matt lamination
uncoated paper throughout