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Alphabet Poster Book

Paul Thurlby's Alphabet Poster Book
Paul Thurlby

All 26 letters are featured in this book of removable posters, from an awesome 'A' to a zippy 'Z'. The iconic artwork from Alphabet has won legions of fans of all ages, and the upmarket finish to these posters makes this an irresistible addition to the Paul Thurlby brand.

ISBN 9781848774261  |  paperback  |  £12.99
56pp  |  352 x 290mm

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Paul Thurlby's Alphabet
Paul Thurlby

Discover an alphabet like no other! In his first picture book, graphic artist Paul Thurlby presents a stunning alphabet that helps to make the shape of each letter memorable and fun. From an awesome A to a zippy Z, this is the perfect ABC for funky first readers.

Winner of the Opera Prima category in the BolognaRagazzi Award 2013.

"An absolutely stunning alphabet book. Each letter is its own work of art." angelsandurchins.co.uk

ISBN 9781848776180  |  hardback - special edition  |  £25.00
ISBN 9781848770096  |  hardback  |  £12.99
64pp  |  314 x 247mm
ISBN 9781848776296  |  boardbook  |  £6.99
210 x 165mm  |  14 spreads





Paul Thurlby's Wildlife
Paul Thurlby

See wildlife as you've never seen it before!

Did you know that crocodiles cry while they eat? Or that polar bears turn green if they stay hot for too long? See the wild side of animals with Paul Thurlby's achingly stylish menagerie. Each page shows a well-known animal in a strange-but-true scenario. With his uniquely humourous artwork, the inimitable Paul Thurlby brings to life 24 animals in a way that will appeal to readers of all ages.

ISBN 9781848778580  |  hardback  |  £10.99
32pp  |  265 x 210mm