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Snorey Time
Meg and Catherine Pybus, illustrated by Petra Brown

Meet the Snoreys – Mummy, Daddy, Mop, Snuggle, Snuffle and Pignut. This family of dormice love to sleep, all except the youngest, Pignut. Instead, he goes on an adventure around the forest and discovers the dormouse-written 'Secret Book of Sleep'. Reading it, Pignut finally drops off. Underlying this delightful tale is a secret weapon for exhausted parents – the story is written using simple neurolinguistic techniques, designed to have a soporific effect on the listener. Also includes an audio version of the tale.

ISBN 9781848779440  |  paperback + CD  |  £7.99
ISBN 9781848775572  |  hardback + CD  |  £10.99
230 x 230mm  |  32pp
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