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Ross Collins

Snuffle and the Egg

The Elephantom
Ross Collins

What's a small girl to do when a mischievous, bothersome Elephantom just won't leave her alone? Luckily, Granny has the perfect solution . . .

Edgy illustrations and a new, wonderfully phantom-esque ink treatment make Ross Collins's wry comic tale of a pesky ghost pet an instant hit!

Shortlisted for the Inspiration Book Awards 2009.

Click here for Ross Collins' official website!

ISBN 978 1 84877 596 1  |  paperback  |  £6.99

Elephantom at the National Theatre

The stage production of The Elephantom at the National Theatre (running until 11th January 2014 – click here for details and booking information)) has received rave reviews . . .

'If you're looking for something to entertain the kids over the festive period, I would definitely give this go, it's Elephantastic.' mumsnet

'The National Theatre has another hit on its hands.' Telegraph

'A big heart and an even bigger imagination. Full of wit, cheek and farts.' Guardian

'Wonderful. Anarchic.' Sunday Times

'The National Theatre's gloriously unsentimental new kids' show works its puppet charms.' Time Out

'Full of fun. Magical. The Elephantom, giant, jaunty, floating, pale-blue ghost elephant puppet.' The Times

Click here for Libby Purves' review of the production at theatrecat.com

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