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There, There
Sam McBratney

Everything is all right again after a "there, there" and a big hug…

"There, there" – two of the most soothing words in the English language. In this story from best-selling author Sam McBratney, Little Hansie Bear loves to pretend – but walking like a duck can be hazardous, especially when he falls into a deep-down ditch and has to be helped out by his dad. With a "there, there" and a hug, Hansie is soon off to play again. So when Dad hurts his foot, Hansie knows just what to do…

ISBN 9781848779921  |  hardback (September 2013)  |  £12.99
ISBN 9781848778078  |  paperback  |  £6.99
40pp  |  270x230mm

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