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Alison Jay

Bob and the Moon Tree Mystery

Bob and the Moon Tree Mystery
Simon Bartram

When Bob, the Man on the Moon, spots a strange seed bouncing along the surface of the Moon, little does he know that it will grow overnight into the first ever Moontree! Earth tourists (especially the lumberjacks) come to try to get a piece of Moontree, but Bob keeps them at bay (oblivious to the alien assistance he's getting). Only when things start to get really shocking (or should we say shaking?) do we discover the secret of the Moontree – it's seeds are actually eggs, each one containing a baby alien!

Shortlisted for the Coventry Inspiration Book Awards 2013

ISBN 9781848777460  |  hardback  |  £12.99
300 x 265mm  |  32pp
ISBN 9781848777491  |  paperback  |  £6.99
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Bob's Best Ever Friend

The Bumper Book of Bob
Simon Bartram
Bursting with activities and sticker scenes, plus fans can enjoy Bob ballads and a brand new mini Lunar Adventure.
ISBN 978 1 84877 054 6  |  hardback   |  £9.99
64pp  |  300 x 235mm



Bob's Best Ever Friend

Bob's Best Ever Friend
Simon Bartram
This fantastic follow-up to the Blue Peter Award-winning Man on the Moon features Simon Bartram’s inimitable artwork in a new adventure for our much-loved hero, Bob.

Bob is feeling glum; his friends Billy and Sam are off mending a puncture in Saturn’s ring and there are no space tourists to entertain. Bob needs a best friend to help with intergalactic missions and jigsaw puzzles. Going about his day, oblivious to the alien goings on, Bob doesn’t notice an extra-terrestrial dog who follows him around. The mono browed canine with eyes on stalks turns out to be this spaceman’s best friend!

“A book to savour again and again.”
Angels and Urchins

"The strong colours paint a detailed picture of life in Bob’s world and the pages reward close inspection. Bob, the Man on the Moon, has proved an endearing character and we feel for him when we find out how lonely he is." Carouse, June 2009

Click here to visit Simon Bartram's official website

Click here for the cosmic new fiction series – Bob & Barry's Lunar Adventures: The Disappearing Moon

ISBN 9781848770539   |  paperback plus cd   |  £7.99
ISBN 978 999999 8901  |  signed first edition hardback with jacket   |  £9.99
ISBN 978 1 84011 373 0  |  hardback with jacket   |  £9.99
ISBN 978 1 84011 939 8   |  paperback   |  £5.99
32pp  |  300 x 325mm  |  full colour  |  silver holographic foil and spot UV varnish on hardback jacket or softback cover



Man on the Moon

Man on the Moon
Simon Bartram
Spend a day with Bob as he goes about his work on the moon, and patiently explains to tourists that aliens really don't exist . . .

Overall winner of the 2004 Blue Peter Book Award, voted for by viewers of the programme. Also highly commended for the 2003 V & A Illustration Award and shortlisted for the 2004 Kate Greenaway Medal. Man on the Moon has sold over 160 thousand copies worldwide.

ISBN 978 1 84011 445 4  |  hardback  |  £9.99
ISBN 978 1 84011 491 1  |  softback  |  £4.99
ISBN 978 1 84011 369 3  |  softback/audio  |  £6.99
32pp  |  300 x 235mm  |  full colour  |  jacket with silver hot foil stamping



Alien Spotter's Guide

Alien Spotter's Guide
Simon Bartram

This galactically-great guide comes with a rocket mobile to build, special alien stickers and The Alien Spotter's Handbook by Bob, better known as the Man on the Moon.

With puzzles, advice, a map and loads of information about different kinds of aliens, this guide contains everything the novice alien-spotter could wish for.

ISBN 978 1 84011 393 8  |  softback  |  £9.99
24pp  |  300 x 250mm  |  case: 307 x 261mm  |  cover features silver foil, mobile features gold foil
colour sticker sheet  |  envelope with letter  |  complete rocket ship mobile kit



Dougal's Deep-Sea Diary

Dougal's Deep-Sea Diary
Simon Bartram
Meet Dougal, who’s off on holiday doing what he likes best – deep-sea diving. He’d really love to see a mermaid or find the Lost City of Atlantis, and he doesn’t mind helping out with the odd dolphin show. This is his diary . . .

Shortlisted for 2005 Kate Greenaway Medal.
"This book is as colourful and surprising as a coral reef, and children will want to explore it again and again."
Nicola Bevan, Junior Education, July 2005

ISBN 978 1 84011 508 6  |  hardback | £9.99
ISBN 978 1 84011 509 3  |  softback | £5.99
ISBN 978 1 84011 529 1  |  softback/audio | £6.99
32pp  |  300 x 235mm  |  jacket with silver holographic foil stamping



Watch Out for Sprouts!

Watch Out for Sprouts!
Simon Bartram
A completely original and extraordinary collection of poems, doodles and illustrations. Simon Bartram is able to express the alarmingly original thoughts capering about his mind in an extremely likeable fashion. Whether talking about family relationships or puddle worlds, schoolwork (eaten by the dog) or sausage categories, Simon perfectly captures the curiosity, irreverent humour and Sunday afternoons of childhood.
ISBN 978 1 84011 368 6  |  hardback  |  £9.99
ISBN 978 1 84011 388 4  |  softback/audio  |  £6.99
110pp  |  240 x 225mm



Pumpkin Moon

Pumpkin Moon
Tim Preston, illustrated by Simon Bartram
It’s Halloween in a small American town. As midnight strikes, a cast of creepy characters comes out to play. Witches, wizards, ghosts and ghouls soon take over the town, but what are they waiting for? Find out in this spectacularly surreal and spooky book.
ISBN 978 1 84011 230 6  |  softback  |  £5.99
32pp  |  300 x 235mm  |  jacket with holographic laminate