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Hans and Matilda

There was once a little cat called Matilda. And there was once a little cat called Hans. They were SO different! Matilda is very good and Hans is very naughty – he makes noise, squirts his water pistol and daubs graffiti but one day he goes a little bit too far... Can Matilda put things right? A fun, comical tale of naughty and nice, accompanied by funky graphics.

Shortlisted for the the 2013 Little Rebels Children's Book Award.

Most Promising New Talent in Junior Magazine's The Junior Design Awards 2012

ISBN 9781848772311  |  32pp hardback   |  240 x 240mm  |  £6.99
ISBN 9781848772137  |  32pp hardback   |  240 x 240mm  |  £10.99

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