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Keep your eyes 👀 peeled for the gorgeous The Boy Who Knew Nothing, by James Thorp and Angus Mackinnon, out today! This book is as brilliant as it is beautiful😍. A stunning story about self discovery and that sometimes even parents get it wrong... the perfect book to encourage little ones to as...

🎉 @jonnyduddle is BACK with the Jolley-Rogers 🏴‍☠️ in #TheJolleyRogersandthePiratePiper! 🦜🎻🐀 With Pirates, Rats and a fiddling Nugget it's the perfect illustrated chapter book for land-lubbers hooked on Jonny’s bountiful humour & charming characters 🤩 🏴‍☠️ 🐀 ...

image-iconrt @emilyanndavison: lovely review from school pupils of molly’s moon mission by @duncandraws! @templarbooks #picturebooks #pb #bookblogger

image-iconbrilliant review by @bookmonsterally for the stunning the boy who knew nothing out today! #boywhoknewnothing https://t.co/eexi71lrrt

image-icon@cheltwaters @siphilipstories @LuciaGaggiotti have a fabulous storytime! would you like some i really want to win r… https://t.co/pdryguuq27

image-icon@Cate47280795 hello cate, of course! we would love to see the childrens work :) and we can send it on to simon. we… https://t.co/mlqrrtkxkg

image-iconit's #WorldUFODay but don't worry what you think is ufo might just have been molly on her way to the moon.🔭🌜🚀… https://t.co/vn2ilqh6kv

image-iconlisten landlubbers to our very own @JonnyDuddleDum talking about his new book the jolley-rogers and the pirate pipe… https://t.co/o9wskmekad

image-iconanother brilliant award for @theotherjk and 'i say ooh, you say ahh!' 👏 thanks to everyone who voted for this giggl… https://t.co/24wc2la0pa