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We are so excited to publish The Bad Day by @frann.pg this Thursday! 🐿🦊 So much so that we’ve been planning a really GOOD day to celebrate this wonderful new picture book! Check out all of these exciting activities for little ones in our social schedule for the online book launch! 🎨🎹...

Happy book birthday to these wonderful board books from @janefosterdesigns ! 👒 This fun new series teaches little ones first words using sliders and flaps in Jane Foster’s stylish and sweet illustrations! 🍌 📷 @janefosterdesigns...

image-iconit’s time for a #bedtime story with @frannpg! 💤 head over to our igtv to hear her reading of #TheBadDay, perfect fo… https://t.co/srbidctfzb

image-icon🛏️ run out of #bedtime stories to read to the little ones tonight? 💤 how about letting @frannpg sooth them to sleep… https://t.co/vrbrc2i2ta

image-icon@antswilk asks: as she gets older, do you road test your story ideas on your daughter? #AskFrann @frannpg https://t.co/djo4rahefu

image-icon@AmyLlambias asks: are there any characters you haven’t drawn yet that you are keen to try? and what inspired the b… https://t.co/ajt4naekib

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image-icon@pixiecake asks: hi @FrannPG do you have any rituals to get you started when you first sit down at your drawing des… https://t.co/brwh4h70ih

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