The Best Jumper

illustrated by Sarah Gill
Spindle gets the best present ever! A lovely tale that will resound with all children (and parents!)

It was Spindle's birthday! He was very excited as he opened his presents. There was a sail boat made from a walnut shell . . . a bag of pebble marbles . . . a kite . . . and a colouring book. Finally, there was only one present left. It was soft and squidgy. What could it be? Spindle ripped off the paper to find a mass of greens and yellows, pinks and reds, oranges and browns, whites and blues. It was a jumper - the best jumper he had ever seen! More than anything Spindle loves his birthday jumper and wears it and wears it as he grows bigger and bigger. So much that one day Grandma has to find a different use for the jumper . . .

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