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  1. There are Reptiles Everywhere
    Camilla De La Bedoyere
    Britta Teckentrup
    RRP £12.99
  2. The Extraordinary Elements
    Colin Stuart
    Ximo Abadía
    RRP £10.99
  3. Beneath the Waves
    Helen Ahpornsiri
    RRP £9.99
  4. Anatomicum Junior
    Jennifer Z Paxton
    Katy Wiedemann
    RRP £10.99
  5. Costumes of the World
    Chaaya Prabhat
    RRP £14.99
  6. Metropolis
    Benoit Tardif

    RRP from £6.99

  7. Meet the Ancient Greeks
    James Davies
    RRP £7.99
  8. MAPS: Deluxe Edition
    Aleksandra and Daniel Mizielinski
    RRP £0.00
  9. Creature Features Oceans
    Natasha Durley
    RRP £10.99
  10. Cities in Layers
    Philip Steele
    Andres Lozano
    RRP £15.99
  11. Alba the Hundred Year Old Fish
    Lara Hawthorne
    RRP £7.99
  12. Herbert's Garden
    Lara Hawthorne
    RRP £12.99
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