Fun Loving Criminal

Chameleon, fugitive, playboy, criminal, political prisoner, con man, comedian - Dennis Stafford was born two street and two months apart from the Kray twins, but his extraordinary life is worlds away from typical East End violence and racketeering. In his dramatic, but above all, honest, autobiography, Dennis tells of daring prison escapes, living on the run in the Caribbean and South Africa, how he survived a shooting attempt by a jealous girlfriend, and, for the first time, the full story on the miscarriage if justice surrounding the One-Armed Bandit Murder. An entrepreneur at an early age, the charismatic young Dennis was running minor scams before he masterminded a big Bible-selling con. Fascinated by the intricacies of robbery, Dennis' first major career was country house burglary before he graduated to the club scene. Dennis loved the showbiz set and enjoyed a passionate affair with actress Jill Bennet. At the age of 22, he received a seven year prison sentence for burglary but what followed would make a wonderful movie script - in fact it was Dennis' conviction for the murder of Angus Sibbet that inspired the film "Get Carter". Married three times and linked with dozens of glamorous women, Dennis rubbed shoulders with everyone from cabinet ministers to cutthroats, prostitutes to TV personalities. From growing cannabis at Parkhurst prison to throwing a missile at Oswald Mosley, this is truly an unforgettable, funny, touching and endlessly fascinating story of a unique life.

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